AI Marketing from School for Startups

In this episode of School for Startups Radio, host Marisa Murgatroyd interviews William Ammerman about his new book, The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning (McGraw-Hill, 2019).  From the interview, “Your first marketing P might be psychotechnology. I came up with that term, because I was trying to find a way to explain that we are now dealing with technology that changes us psychologically. When I created a contraction of psychological and technology, I came up with psychotechnology to describe the convergence of a lot of trends in marketing that I’d love to talk about, that really are changing the very nature of what we do, how we persuade, and how we change the way consumers think and what they buy.”

Listen to the podcast here.

Learn more about William Ammerman here.

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