The Invisible Brand

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Title: The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning
Published by: McGraw-Hill Education
Release Date: June 14, 2019

Porchlight Business Book Awards 2019 Marketing & Sales Book of the Year

Nonfiction Book Awards: Gold Medal in the Marketing Category

"Marketers are harnessing the enormous power of AI to drive unprecedented results"

The world of marketing is undergoing major change. Sophisticated algorithms can test billions of marketing messages and measure results, and shift the weight of campaigns―all in real time. What’s next? A complete transformation of marketing as we know it, where machines themselves design and implement customized advertising tactics at virtually every point of digital contact.

The Invisible Brand provides an in-depth exploration of the risks and rewards of this epochal shift―while delivering the information and insight you need to stay ahead of the game.

Renowned technologist William Ammerman draws from his decades of experience at the forefront of digital marketing to provide a roadmap to our data-driven future. You’ll learn how data and AI will forge a new level of persuasiveness and influence for reshaping consumers’ buying decisions. You’ll understand the technology behind these changes and see how it is already at work in digital assistants, recommendation engines and digital advertising. And you’ll find unmatched insight into how to harness the power of artificial intelligence for maximum results.

As we enter the age of mass customization of messaging, power and influence will go to those who know the consumer best. Whether you are a marketing executive or concerned citizen, The Invisible Brand provides everything you need to understand how brands are harnessing the extraordinary amounts of data at their disposal―and capitalizing on it with AI.

Awards & Praise

"Insightful, illuminating and packed with examples that make you think. Ammerman has brought together many different lines of thinking about the impact of algorithms and AI on society, politics and the marketplace. His perspective of psychotechnology offers a clarifying lens for understanding what smart technologies will mean for our lives and our futures."
J. Walker Smith, Ph.D.
Chief Knowledge Officer, Brand & Marketing
Kantar Consulting

"The central business challenge of the 21st century is finding ways to nimbly adapt as digital technologies like AI rapidly transform the competitive landscape. The Invisible Brand smartly analyzes the issue and helps readers understand the implications; this book is essential reading for savvy marketers and leaders who hope to succeed in today’s marketplace."
Doug Conant
Founder & CEO, ConantLeadership
Former CEO, Campbell Soup Company

"The Invisible Brand provides a thought-provoking and, at times unsettling look at how artificial intelligence and psychotechnology are already at work in our lives. It will change the way you see our interconnected world."
Chuck Swoboda
Former Chairman & CEO of Cree, Inc. and leader of the LED Lighting Revolution

“It's an intriguing, enlightening, and a bit discomforting pull-back-the-curtain look at how a powerful new marketing industry is being built on massive amounts of personal data. "The Invisible Brand" is a brilliant assessment of our subtle surrender of privacy, one click at a time, and how it spurs us to laugh, cry, vote, donate, and especially buy, buy, buy.”
Gordon Borrell
CEO of Borrell Associates

“Demystifying the impact of AI in the world of marketing is where the story begins. Highly relevant examples linked to the life of a marketer— data driven and technology enabled. The story then takes you down a wonderful path of discovery. Learning about the role of the invisible brand through the innovations and data that both exist today and are yet to come. The future of marketing and AI appropriately described as both ‘awesome and terrifying’.”
Adele Sweetwood
Former SVP of Global Marketing at SAS
Author, The Analytical Marketer

"Artificial intelligence is one of the major technology developments that will shape the marketplace in this century.  Yet, we are only just understanding its impact.  In this eminently readable book, filled with many vivid and practical examples, Ammerman lifts the veil on AI.  A must-read for managers and policy makers."
Jan-Benedict Steenkamp
Knox Massey Distinguished Professor of Marketing,
UNC-Chapel Hill, and author of Global Brand Strategy