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Archive for July 2019

7 Ways AI can Help You Sell More Stuff Right Now

Artificial intelligence is already a part of daily life, but for business owners, the key question is, “How can AI improve my marketing and help me sell more stuff right now?” Throughout the customer decision journey, savvy marketers are already deploying AI at every step to engage customers, predict their needs, personalize messaging and keep…

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New Drivers Define The Consumer Decision Journey

The combination of Big Data collection and the algorithmic power of AI to learn is having a dramatic impact on the world of marketing and advertising. The personalization of information coupled with the science of persuasion and natural language processing is merging with these innovations to produce technology that operates on us psychologically, something called…

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The Secret Behind Amazon’s Unrivaled Success

Which powerhouse company has the heft to create its own holiday and completely revamp the retail shopping calendar? Amazon, of course. 2019 marks the fifth year of Amazon Prime Day, which was initially created to preempt the Black Friday sales extravaganza that falls after Thanksgiving. Unlike commercially driven “Hallmark Holidays,” such as National Secretary’s Day and…

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3 Questions: Facebook Wants Us To Trust Their New Currency

Recently, Facebook, Inc. made headlines with a controversial new announcement: within a year, the social media giant will launch a new digital currency called Libra. On its face, it’s an exciting development. If Facebook’s rollout goes as planned, consumers will be able to transfer money to anyone – and buy anything, anywhere – all without…

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