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Top 10 AI Influencers

Tim Anderson, a consultant at PR 20/20, breaks down the top 10 AI social media influencers you need to know.  William Ammerman makes the list at #4. “AI is transforming how brands buy and place digital ads. William has spoken about the AI systems that exist today that can automatically buy and test ads, write…

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AI Redefines the Customer Decision Journey

The combination of Big Data collection and the algorithmic power of AI to learn is having a dramatic impact on the world of marketing and advertising. The personalization of information coupled with the science of persuasion and natural language processing is merging with these innovations to produce technology that operates on us psychologically, something called…

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5 Top Takeaways from MAICON 2019

Ashley Sams breaks down the top takeaways from the MAICON 2019 conference including William Ammerman’s workshop on AI for Advertising. 2019’s Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) opened with a day of workshop sessions focused on planning, piloting, and scaling marketing AI technologies within five disciplines: Marketing agencies Machine learning Advertising Content marketing and email Sales Read the…

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3 Questions: Facebook Wants Us To Trust Their New Currency

Recently, Facebook, Inc. made headlines with a controversial new announcement: within a year, the social media giant will launch a new digital currency called Libra. On its face, it’s an exciting development. If Facebook’s rollout goes as planned, consumers will be able to transfer money to anyone – and buy anything, anywhere – all without…

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The Invisible Brand is at Work using AI

The Invisible Brand provides everything you need to understand how brands are harnessing the extraordinary amounts of data at their disposal―and capitalizing on it with AI. The four most popular voice assistants: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana correspond exactly to the four most valuable global brands: Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.  That isn’t a coincidence. …

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The New Media Model: 3 Ways To Remain Relevant In The Age Of AI

How to remain relevant in the age of AI is a major challenge for traditional publishers.  In the early days of the internet, the news was always free. In a race to secure eyeballs over subscriptions, every publication launched a website and gave away free access to their content—even while still charging print subscribers. That…

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