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AI is Reshaping Local Advertising

AI is reshaping local advertising.  Location-aware devices and geotargeted ads are combining with artificial intelligence to deliver a new generation of microtargeted marketing. The rise of mobile apps has further refined the approach – users can now be tracked to specific landmarks and “check ins” resulting in contextual ads with hyperlocal click-throughs and conversion.

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Psychotechnology is technology that influences people psychologically by deploying artificial intelligence through digital media. The word psychotechnology was coined by William Ammerman in his book The Invisible Brand as a contraction of psychological technology. Informally, it can be shortened to psychotech.

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The birth of the ‘invisible brand’: an entirely new class of market forces

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The year 1776 was a momentous one in world events, not just for the declaration that begins, “In Congress, July 4,” but also for the publication of Adam Smith’s opus An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Smith’s book, a corner- stone of classical liberalism, laid the foundation for the academic.

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